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Hikari Betta Bio Gold Baby 20 gm

৳ 450.00
Daily diet perfectly suited for bettas and their high stress nature Premium fish meal provides a superior protein source Grape

Hikari Betta Bio Gold Baby 5 gm

৳ 220.00
Hikari Betta Bio-Gold has been developed after considerable research into the eating habits and nutritional requirements of bettas. This floating

Hikari Coralfic Delight 35 gm

৳ 550.00
Hikari Coralific Delite is a nutrient package that stimulates feeding response. Coralific Delite™ is a revolutionary diet… Hikari Coralific Delite is a nutrient

Hikari Crab Cuisine 50g

৳ 350.00
Nutritional Excellence High nutrient, vitamin and mineral levels High in stabilized vitamin C to reduce stress and build resistance to

Hikari Discus Bio Gold 80 gm

৳ 1,100.00
Natural color enhancing ingredients safely produce brilliant colors Highest grade of caroteniods available today to help your fish look their

Hikari First Bites 10 gm

৳ 250.00
Rich in highly nutritious, freshly harvested ingredients including premium-selected fish meal which provides a superior protein source rich in amino

Hikari Goldffish Wheat Germ mini 200 gm

৳ 399.00
Floating pellet allows most goldfish and all baby koi ready access to the nutritional package High levels of wheat-germ which

Hikari Goldfish Staple-30g

৳ 99.00
Did you know Goldfish actually prefer eating live plants? In nature, Goldfish seek out natural foods like water plants to

HIKARI Lionhead (100gm)

৳ 350.00
Feed Daily diet for Fancy Goldfish such as Ranchu, Oranda and Azumanishiki Scientifically developed to promote growth and prominent Lionhead

Hikari Marinea 110 gm

৳ 700.00
Hikari Marine ASuitable for: large marine fish Hikari produces top quality aquatic diets, drawing on over eleven decades of experience

Hikari Micro Pellets 22 gm

৳ 399.00
SUPERIOR NUTRITION has been scientifically proven by decades of research to meet the dietary needs of tetras, barbs and other